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Origins Chiropractic House Calls utilizes one of the most sophisticated and effective methods available to help you quit smoking... FOREVER! Our protocol utilizes a combination of cold laser acupuncture, homeopathic medicines, and nutritional/ herbal supplementation. The treatments consist of only three laser therapy sessions that last 15 minutes each. Most people are able to reduce their smoking down from one pack a day down to one cigarette a day after the first treatment.

The results are nothing short of amazing! The process is safe with no side effects. It is painless, highly effective, long lasting, and affordable. It will completely pay for itself within 3 months of stopping smoking.

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Our stop smoking program is perfect for the corporation who would like to introduce a corporate wellness program for their employees. A healthy employee is a more productive employee. It is a known fact that smokers pay higher insurance premiums, so being able to offer a program that not only benefits the employees health, but it also saves the employer money. Our stop smoking program will pay for itself many times over.