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Did you know that your back pain in South Charlotte NC could be coming from your feet? Your feet are the foundation of your entire body. If your foundation is not properly supported, then there will be stress throughout your other joints such as the knees, hips, and spine.

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If your foundation is not properly supported, then there will be stress throughout your other joints such as the knees, hips, and spine. For example, let's say that you have two houses. One house is built on the sand, while the other house is built upon granite rock. As the sand shifts of house number one, there will be added stress on the joints of the house. You will begin to see cracks in the sheet rock, and eventually even the plumbing will begin to break down.

Even a well-built metal home that sits on unstable sand will break-down over time. However, the home that is built on granite rock will stay around for a very long time. This is because the foundation is solid. The same is true with your body.

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Today's shoe companies no longer build a proper shoe. Take a look at your shoes and you will notice that in even the high-end shoes, that they don't have an adequate arch support. The inside of the shoes are flat. They are non-supportive. They will ultimately cause foot failure. Foot failure of the plantar vault will cause plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, knee, hip, and pelvic pain. The spine can also become affected. Footlevelers functional Orthotics support and correct all three arches in the foot and properly support the entire plantar vault. Footlevelers have been proven in multiple research studies to make a significant impact in reducing pain levels throughout the body.
Today’s shoes are, for the most part, very poorly made. They are designed as a one size fits all but really doesn’t fit anybody perfectly. While many new shoes don’t cause pain while you are trying them on in the shoe store, the complete lack of support of the plantar vault creates the plantar fasciitis over time along with other conditions such as bunions, stress fractures, metatarsalgia, hyper-pronation, knee pain, tendonitis, hip pain, back pain, and spine and pelvic instability.

This is why Origins Mobile Wellness is proud to announce that we carry Foot Levelers functional orthotics. In fact, we have been providing Foot Levelers to our patients for over 24 years and have had ZERO returns. Every one of our patients will tell you how much they love these custom functional orthotics. Foot Levelers is the only custom orthotic company that addresses ALL THREE arches of the foot. This is unheard of in the orthotic industry. By supporting every aspect of the plantar vault, conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, hyper-pronation, etc… can finally be a thing of the past and all WITHOUT SURGERY or harmful medication!

Here is how we do it

  1. We perform a complete chiropractic/orthopedic evaluation of your feet, knees, and gait pattern.
  2. We perform a full body 3D laser scan on the bottom of the feet so that we can get the most accurate measurements of the plantar vault/ arches.
  3. We place an order for your custom functional orthotics that will be best suited to your activity levels.
  4. We will then recommend a short series of chiropractic manipulations for the feet so that we can focus on restoring proper alignment of the bones in the feet and helping the feet adapt to the new functional orthotics.
  5. We may prescribe some specific home exercises/stretches and...
  6. Watch the pain go away.


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