Sporting Events/ Concerts

Whether it is a concert, or a professional sporting event, being able to have a Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist on site to help evaluate and treat your injured athletes, performers, roadies, and crew, can prove to be invaluable. The fact that Origins Chiropractic House Calls is Charlotte's only 100% chiropractic practice on wheels, we are geared up to help meet your needs when your band/ team/ company/ crew comes into town. Let's face it... athletes as well as music and stage performers can become injured without warning.

What do you do? Do you cancel the show? Do you forfeit the game? Do you change the starting time of the play because you are now minus a stagehand?

Of course not. You don't have time for that. This is where Origins Chiropractic House Calls comes in to save the day. Our services can save you time and money in order to keep you from having to send your performer or athlete to the ER during the off times of most clinics. Our job is to keep the athlete/ performer functioning at their optimum best.

You can now even schedule in advance to have our chiropractor on-site during your game, practice, or your big performance. Evening times are available for certain events for your convenience.

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